New Jesus Clips Available

Badger Ordnance had a whole bunch of these made up and dropped a video of the manufacturing process on youtube.

They are not on his web site so give them a call at 816 421 4956 and pick up a few sets.

I’m adding a new non- 180 part to my site if anyone is interested. BRN-10 pistol grips.

This is not my design but I have been given permission to print and sell these through my site.

2 Replies to “New Jesus Clips Available”

  1. Rick you never stop, always something new. Not sure if it’s of interest, probably nothing new you havn’t read/seen, firearms magazine on Ebay woth article on the AR-18 Shorty from 1969. Regards, Rich.

  2. Would it be possible to show how to install the “Jesus clip?” I need to install one on my Sterling rifle, but am not exactly sure how.

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