I’m Reposting Content to Twitter/X.com

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I am reposting my original blog posts over to Twitter/X.com.

I’ve been having some issues with other social media platforms shadow banning me so I’m doing this to hopefully build my audience over there.

First post is live.

Jump over there for a trip down memory lane or see my older content for the first time.

Please follow, like and share my stuff over there. I can’t do this without your support.

Thanks again.



Heading to SAR West

I’m getting a couple table and setting up in the SAR building this year. I’ll be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I’ll have lots of stuff to show and to sell so come find me if you happen to be there this year.

Time to Liquidate

I’ve decided it is time to liquidate most of my reference collection. I have too much stuff to list so here is how this is going to work.

Hit me up through the contact form with what you are looking for to fill or improve your collection. I will let you know if I can fill that need and we can discuss price and other arrangements.

Here is what NOT TO DO!

Do not email me asking for a complete list, I don’t have one. Don’t expect to buy my stuff and flip it for a profit, that’s not why I’m doing this. I am spreading the love to my loyal readers so they can improve their collections.

Updated Product and a Sale at AR180Parts.com

Just a quick note to my subscribers.

Updated charging handles for the BRN-180 series of uppers are now in stock and shipping. https://ar180parts.com/product/brn-180-charging-handle/

They have been made slightly longer to ensure no clearance issues with the dust cover as well as the addition of an o-ring to limit unwanted rattling.

There is also a sale going on for the rest of the month of July. Cone flash hiders are $10 off. No coupon needed. https://ar180parts.com/product/ar180s-cone-flash-hider/

Thanks for supporting the site with your purchases. It keeps this information available for all the fans of the AR180 platforms.

This is How We Roll — Pin

I’ve received some emails lately about roll pin availability for the original AR-180’s. I decided to take a deep dive into the subject and I am happy to report that we should be able to source our roll pins by using or modifying AR15 roll pins.

Lets start with the largest roll pin on the AR180, the magazine catch pivot. It is .094″ in diameter and .562″ long. You should be able to make use of an AR15 trigger guard roll pin. It is .093x.625. Most of them are super tight in a trigger guard so I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t work. They would just need to be cut down.

Next we have the ejector retaining pin. It is exactly the same as what is used in an AR15 bolt. They both measure .062x.437. By the way, all the ejector and extractor parts from an AR15 bolt can be used in your AR180 bolt.

Two of the same pins are used in the bolt catch and the bulkhead plungers for the butt stock. They measure .062x.312. The closest thing from an AR15 is an A2 windage knob roll pin. It measures .062x.375. Take a little off the top and you will be good to go.

Finally the guide rod retaining plunger and the dust cover use a .062x.250 roll pin. The exact roll pin is used in A1 rear sight drums.

These roll pins can also be ordered in the exact size needed but often you are buying them in bulk to get one or two. Repurposing AR15 roll pins might be a better way to go for some folks.

I’ve considered doing just that. Ordering all the sizes needed for the AR180 and selling them as a kit. Let me know in the comments below, would you buy one?