Modern AR-180?

I as well as many others have pondered what the AR-180 would have become if it had the same development as the AR-15.

I think I may have found the answer.

The Remington/Bushmaster ACR Advanced Combat Rifle

Designed by MagPul and named the Masada the rights were sold to, and the civilian version is made by Bushmaster.

I snapped a few pics before I left town but it has many features that are directly decedent from the 180.

Look familiar?

More pics to come and I hope to get them both to the range to compare them side by side.

4 Replies to “Modern AR-180?”

    1. They have come down in price but that price at launch kept many of us from buying one. That also meant they didn’t sell a lot and the aftermarket support is nothing like the AR15. From the Busmaster website it would appear that you can’t buy spare parts either. I plan to call and see if that is the case.

  1. A couple of years ago there was a board that listed all the parts and part numbers for the ACR and I tried to see if a bolt could be had from Remington since Bushmaster was kaput! I think I received a generic email stating the rifle was not yet being sold so spare parts were not available. Can’t wait to see how your side by side looks in shooting.

  2. The Rob arms xcr-l gen 2 seems like it’s getting pretty good reviews, few and far between, but pretty good. I know it’s a little more leader than 180 but the resemblance is there.. Also the xcr appears all metal instead of the full plastic lower.. that’s personally a huge turn off on a gun that costs over 2 thousand dollars. Also the MSRP on the xcr is $1999.00 so it does have that going for it… But I’ve still got my fingers crossed for the Kodiak defense WK-180C coming out of the maple empire, it’s still looking like it’s going to be a year or 2 off till we see one state side though. And those are listed at $999.00 that’s is maple chips not dollars so we’ll see what the USD cost is after importing..

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