Interesting AR180 Auction; Gunbroker

Looks like a modified ban state Sterling AR180 is for sale on

This might be of interest to those of you in ban states but don’t overlook it for those who don’t. It can be rescued!

It appears to have had the folding stock “Fixed” in place and the retention stud removed. The stock is also at a strange angle. The lower could be replaced (I know a guy who has a stripped Sterling lower ๐Ÿ˜‰ and the only hang up would be if the latch plate on the butt stock is missing.

I will probably throw up a bid just to strip it for parts. Of course if I win I will probably try and fix it up as I am a sucker for strays that need a good home.

If you end up with it let me know if you need any parts, I can help with that.

This is the way.

5 Replies to “Interesting AR180 Auction; Gunbroker”

  1. Other than stock looks VG cond. Sterling is pre AWB and unaware of any folding stock restriction in MA. Could be a Buba repair of damaged folding stock hinge. Merry Christmas Happy New Year Rick, Rich.

    1. Most likely someone stole the pics from the GunBroker auction and is hoping that somebody out of state sends them some money. Never buy anything from Armslist unless itโ€™s face to face.

      1. Exactly, This is the 2nd scammer I have gone after this week. The tool has even realized that I live in the same county as he is advertising from and already asked for a face to face which he has shot down. Also, I am an LEO and will be turning this over to USPS Inspectors and the County S.O.

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