AR-18S Inspiration for the AR-180B Shorty Project

For those not familiar, the AR-18S was the sub-machine gun version of the select fire AR-18. This was the inspiration for my shorty project.



These two pictures started it all.

Pete Fleis did a handful of these conversions and there are some factory made guns.

There are even a very few semi auto AR-180S guns floating around.

While mine will be a pistol to start, I fully intend to sbr it and have it turn out a close match for these two guns.

I have subsequently found a few more pictures of the cool little guns but have yet to come across any documentation about production numbers.

AR-18S Sterling

I believe this to be a factory Sterling AR-18S.


I believe this is a factory AR-180S but the jury is still out.

You will note that there are three types of flash hiders used on these guns. Small conical, Large conical, and standard three prong.

I will leave you with this scan from Small Arms Review that shows the very first carbine prototype. I wonder where this one is now.

First AR-18 Carbine