AR-180 Police Carbine Part 2

Earlier I wrote an article about an AR-180 Police Carbine lower that had shown up on a Japanese website. Turns out there are pictures of a fully assembled gun on the web. I have seen and shown this gun before but never saw all the pics and therefore I did not know it was the real deal.

Buried deep in the website are a bunch of picture and some of them actually happen to be of a Police Carbine, the semi auto SBR version of the AR-180.

Interesting flash hider and sling mounts on this one. I originally misidentified it as an AR-18S from the two pictures I had seen previously.

ar180_commando ar180_commandobarrel ar180_commandobarrelmarkings ar180_commandodisassembled ar180_commandodisassembleda ar180_commandoejectionport ar180_commandogaspiston ar180_commandogaspistonspring ar180_commandomarkings

This one is serial SS 291 and I was recently sent a picture of one with a slightly higher number. This one also has a standard flash hider. It is almost impossible to know if  this is how it left the factory.


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