What 3D Printer Do I Use?

I’ve had several people email me asking what 3D printer I am using.

The Monoprice Select Plus has served me very well over the last few months. I have done very little to modify it other than to add a different type of spool holder. I am providing an Amazon link below if any one is interested in picking one up themselves.

Monoprice Select Plus

I have the final version of the AR180S pistol grips design ready to go and hope to get a few printed off this weekend. Each one takes about 15 hours to print so it will be awhile before I have them ready to sell. My plan is to get a small batch together then put up a for sale post. I don’t want to take money ahead of time or put together a waiting list. I think this will work out best for all parties involved.

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One Reply to “What 3D Printer Do I Use?”

  1. Nice looking printer.
    Like you I would need to start teaching myself to use a graphics program and then be able to compile it into a form the machine can read.
    Fifteen hours—–that’s like some projects on my home mill from DD.

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