AR180S Pistol Grip Prototype

Been wanting a better pistol grip to use on my Nodak NDS-18S lowers pretty much since they came out.

I used an ArmaLite grip but only bought a couple before they stopped selling them. (Sound familiar?) It also didn’t have the right shape.

Since I have been working with Fusion 360 I have been thinking of all kinds of things to design. Why not a better looking pistol grip.

I’ve still got a few kinks to iron out then I can make a more detailed print. I’m confident it would be a functional part when I am done and will certainly put it through it’s paces. It is very comfortable in the hand.

I’m diggin’ it. Anyone else?

Shopping at

I finally figured out how to add a way to link to the AR180B lower completion kits that I sell. I have created a couple pages that you see at the top of the page and a shopping cart feature. It is still very basic with just the two items for now but I hope to add other stuff down the road. This should make it much easier for folks to find these kits in the future.

Who knows, maybe some AR180B trunions and flats might end up there some day.


AR-180 & AR-180B Parts For Sale

Lets call this the “Help Rick Fund His AR-180S Project”

Time to cut loose with some hard to find parts and get my third shorty project kicked into high gear!


Email me for prices at

Trades welcome.

I will leave these up here for a couple weeks and anything left over goes to gunbroker.

First up are new old stock AR-180B bolt carrier assemblies. Brand new, virgin.



Next up are a very limited quantity of our AR-180B lower completion kits that include Original Hammer & Trigger pins.


Early AR-180B knurled charging handles.


Now some vintage parts

Available separately, AR-180 trigger assy, hammer, safety, safety detent, grip screw, and mag catch.


AR-180 Pistol Grips


AR-180 Butt Stock





Drop-In Trigger For The AR180B

I’ve often thought about a drop-in trigger for my AR180B Shorty Project, The AR180S.

Reader Matthew asked about one for his Nodak lower and I had to tell him to proceed with caution because I was not sure if they would work.

I was concerned about interference with the bolt hold open assembly.

As luck would have it I was picking up an AR180B at my local FFL and knew he had used drop in triggers in some of his guns. He let me borrow one to try in my gun and I am glad to report that it fits!

What he let me use and at this time the only one I can recommend is the Patriot Ordinance Factory 4.5 pound single stage with standard trigger shape. Click here to read more about it.

I will report back after I shoot it but dry fire and function check work flawlessly so far.

The best part is, it includes KNS anti rotation pins so that will save you a few bucks. You can used the included side plates and just order the longer pins. Read more about the pins here.

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Surfing around and I found that Joe Bob Outfitters has these POF-USA Drop In Triggers for $149.95 shipped and it includes an AR15 lower parts kit. That looks like a smoking deal, click here.

Please reply if you have successfully used any drop in triggers in your 180B or Nodak lower. I would like to let readers know about all the alternatives out there.