Experimental Sterling AR180

Reader Robert pointed me towards an interesting gunbroker auction for an Experimental Sterling AR180 with a fixed stock.

Click here

It has an interesting combination of features in addition to the stock. Black paint and a non-welded bolt catch pivot boss, both early features. Welded dovetail scope mount like the later blued model.

I have no information on this model and I am asking if any of you do?

I would be actively trying to buy this except the Corona Virus has hit my work and I will be home for the next 4 weeks without pay. I will be selling off guns and ammo to supplement my savings until we come out the other side. I hope someone in the family gets it as it is an interesting model to add to anyone’s collection.

More Barrel Markings

Looking through my parts stash I found a Sterling barrel with some unknown markings.

Of course it is common knowledge that Sterling barrels have proof markings. These are located ahead of the bipod ring at the 3:00 position. This position appears to vary.

But I found this in the same place as the Howa markings from the previous article, directly under where the op rod return spring would sit.

I’m still looking at my other guns but so far I haven’t found anything on my Costa Mesa rifles.