Sad News

Due to an unexpected death in the family I need to raise some quick funds. I have three AR180B rifles for sale. $1000 each, shipped in the CONUS. Sorry no pictures but if you are interested send me an email to rkelley91 at gmail dot com.

These are lightly used and are looking for a good home. If you want all three I can make you a better deal.

Second Site;

I have moved my store to a seperate web site

This has allowed me to add additional security and to accept online payments in the form of BitCoin. I am working on a solution for those wanting to mail payments but for now you can contact me through the new site and we can arrange payment and work out the details. I will be adding another category with used surplus parts as time allows. Thank you for your patience.

The best part is you can now use this to put yourself on a mailing list when the next batch of Fusion “Paperweights” is ready to ship. I have had multiple emails about this and it took me awhile to come up with a solution.

Head over to and check it out.

Direct link to the Fusion lower is here!