What 3D Printer Do I Use?

I’ve had several people email me asking what 3D printer I am using.

The Monoprice Select Plus has served me very well over the last few months. I have done very little to modify it other than to add a different type of spool holder. I am providing an Amazon link below if any one is interested in picking one up themselves.

Monoprice Select Plus

I have the final version of the AR180S pistol grips design ready to go and hope to get a few printed off this weekend. Each one takes about 15 hours to print so it will be awhile before I have them ready to sell. My plan is to get a small batch together then put up a for sale post. I don’t want to take money ahead of time or put together a waiting list. I think this will work out best for all parties involved.

Make sure you are subscribed so you get notified when they go up for sale.


Modern AR-180?

I as well as many others have pondered what the AR-180 would have become if it had the same development as the AR-15.

I think I may have found the answer.

The Remington/Bushmaster ACR Advanced Combat Rifle

Designed by MagPul and named the Masada the rights were sold to, and the civilian version is made by Bushmaster.

I snapped a few pics before I left town but it has many features that are directly decedent from the 180.

Look familiar?

More pics to come and I hope to get them both to the range to compare them side by side.

Upper Flat On Gunbroker

I just have not had the time to work out a bending method for the Upper Flats that I have so I have decided to put one on Gunbroker. Lets see if one of you can come up with something.

These were designed and built by Chuck at GunLab.net and match the dimensions of the factory built guns as far as I have been able to determine.

Upper Flat