New Gun Podcast & What Is It Sunday?

Traveling for work can be difficult at times so I like to listen to podcasts to pass the time while on airplanes and driving in cars. Some of my favorites are “We Like Shooting” and “Joe Rogan”

I recently discovered a new podcast that I thought you might like as well. Tactical Pay Radio.

It’s brand new with only 3 episodes but I think it has a lot of potential and I subscribed right away.

In addition to the what might be considered “Normal” gun podcast content they feature stuff geared towards the business side of the industry. If you are looking to start a gun related business then I think it will be of special interest to you.

Give them a listen and subscribe. I know they would appreciate it.

That reminds me, I need to load up some content for my trip to southern Colorado in the morning.

Have a great week and I will leave you with a couple “What Is It Sunday?” pictures.

Let me know how you like the podcast and if you can identify what’s in the pictures. (If I got the stuff from you then you don’t get a guess) 🙂

What’s Happening at

Work has been keeping me busy and when I am home I like to relax and get out in the shop. I have been building several different weapons besides those related to the AR180 but I hope you are still interested.

Some time back I got a flat and weldments for my Cetme LC from HMG

I also got the bending jig and the build went pretty smooth considering I’m still using a cheap flux core wire feed welder from Harbor Freight.

Got it to the range a couple weeks back and it ran great. Time to give this ghost gun some paint.

The AR-180S is done after 3 years of gathering parts and building and rebuilding. Runs like a top.

I am currently in an UZI kick. I picked up a Micro kit and I am in the middle of building this as a pistol. I plan to make a folding brace using a Tailhook on the original hinge.

Still a work in progress and more welding and grinding before I’m happy enough to try and shoot it. The wire feed wasn’t working too well for the fill in so I broke out the gas torch with my smallest tip #0. I think I need a smaller one.

I really need to get a TIG but every time I get close enough to having the money together a great deal comes along on a gun or parts. The struggle is real.

Latest acquisition.

New in Wrapper Sterling 20 round mags. I think I have more than I need so I will be willing to share.

I also discovered

They are the place the AR-18 parts kits are being sourced from. 499 Euros Click Here

They also have some awesome parts for sale. Just click around and drool.

Now I need a friend in Europe who would ship them to the states. Anyone got a cousin over there? I would make it worth their while.