Drop-In Trigger For The AR180B

I’ve often thought about a drop-in trigger for my AR180B Shorty Project, The AR180S.

Reader Matthew asked about one for his Nodak lower and I had to tell him to proceed with caution because I was not sure if they would work.

I was concerned about interference with the bolt hold open assembly.

As luck would have it I was picking up an AR180B at my local FFL and knew he had used drop in triggers in some of his guns. He let me borrow one to try in my gun and I am glad to report that it fits!

What he let me use and at this time the only one I can recommend is the Patriot Ordinance Factory 4.5 pound single stage with standard trigger shape. Click here to read more about it.

I will report back after I shoot it but dry fire and function check work flawlessly so far.

The best part is, it includes KNS anti rotation pins so that will save you a few bucks. You can used the included side plates and just order the longer pins. Read more about the pins here.

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Surfing around and I found that Joe Bob Outfitters has these POF-USA Drop In Triggers for $149.95 shipped and it includes an AR15 lower parts kit. That looks like a smoking deal, click here.

Please reply if you have successfully used any drop in triggers in your 180B or Nodak lower. I would like to let readers know about all the alternatives out there.

Factory Built Sterling AR-18S

Chuck over at GunLab.net has scored some pics of what is purported to be the only Factory Built Sterling AR-18S in the United States.

I have heard about this gun through the grape vine but I have never seen pictures before.

Lets see how my clone looks in comparison.



Obviously no forward pistol grip on mine.


Interesting design of the charging handle. Similar to the early AR18 and the AR180B.


Bayonet lug has been removed. British proof marks are in a different place than on the full size rifles.



Sling mount that I have seen on other AR-18S guns. A sling mount was also attached to the guide rod assembly.


The flash hider is just like my second one shown on top.


I never knew that they were actually marked AR-18S. Could the “S” have been stamped after the upper was built?



Unique serial number starting AS for Automatic Short


Not exact but I think my second one built in a Costa Mesa lower will be much closer.


This one is functionally the same as the factory built shorties excepting the select fire of course.

I have am thinking I want to get into a machine gun in the near future. I would love for a Sterling AR-18S to be my first.

Somehow I think I couldn’t afford it even if it were for sale.