SAR West Gun Show

I just got back into town from Vegas about 12:30 this morning and I am preparing to head to Phoenix for the SAR West gun show. I have never attended this show and I hope to get the most out of it. I will be wandering around with my AR-180S Shorty and a backpack full of AR-180B Lower Parts Kits. I’ll be stopping by the NoDak booth to check out his retro stuff and I am hoping he has some NDS-18S lowers with him. (Ok, I’m hoping he has one in particular, the one I ordered some months back.) I’m also hoping to run into Bill, a great gunbroker seller who I have purchased some AR-180 parts from before.

Make sure you say “Hi” if you see me walk by.

The best part however is going to be staying with Chuck and Shirley and all the other guests at their house. I can’t wait to meet all the great folks.

Sleep has been a little lacking for me this week and I don’t see that trend changing anytime soon.