Leader Dynamics VS. Australian Automatic Arms

Not exactly a competition but since Chuck at GunLab.net was nice enough to loan me his Leader Dynamics T2 MkV rifle, I used that opportunity take some pics and compare it to it’s direct decedent, the Australian Automatic Arms SAP.

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2 Replies to “Leader Dynamics VS. Australian Automatic Arms”

  1. So how are these guns in general? I didn’t really pick up on which one you preferred? Also, any chance you have any specs on weight? Is the accuracy any good?

    1. To be honest, I have not had the opportunity to shoot either of these.

      Ian from Forgottenweapons.com has shot the Leader extensively and has great things to say about it.

      I hope to get them to the range together and shoot them side by side before I return the Leader to it’s rightful owner.

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