Designing a Lower in Fusion 360

I just couldn’t help myself but to design a lower for the Brownells BRN-180. Grabbed a file off the internet for an AR-15 and modified it to look like an AR180B.

I love Fusion 360, it allows me to bring my thoughts to life. Now I just need something like a Tormach and I could make it reality.

This would require no proprietary parts at all.

What do you think?

Left Side
Right Side
Angle from the Left

New YouTube video with a better look at the BRN-180

5 Replies to “Designing a Lower in Fusion 360”

  1. Rick, I really like the way that lower looks, and the fact that it does not require proprietary parts is a bonus.

  2. Excellent work, Rick. Now please get on the stick and design an A2 model with a rear end which will hook up to a Galil folding stock.The original AR180 folder was a joke! And the M16 can’t be made into a folder because of the buffer. I’ve got the same problem on my AR15 prototype with an AK gas system: I’m leaning towards a Galil folding stock for this project but I’m not sure how well it will fit up to the back end of the AR15 lower.

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