AR-180B Shorty Project Pt. IV

Things have just been crazy but I was able to get to the range and test fire the AR-180B Shorty and it ran like a champ.

The original plan was to start with a .062″ gas port and work up from there. I decided to start with a .059″ and I am glad I did. It worked great and no further drilling was required.

Here is a quick video I shot when we had it out for the first time.


I also built a box to hold it when taking it to the range and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

I still have a couple of things I want to do before I call it “finished”. (Are projects ever really finished?) A new end cap that would fully retain the hand guards. This would allow them to be cut and installed with little fuss. And to get my paperwork and turn it into an SBR.

I hope you enjoyed following this project so far and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you want to make your own or have me build one for you.

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