Firearms News Retro Edition

Firearms News (Formerly Shotgun News) is releasing their second Retro Edition on July 3rd.

I thought y’all might like to see the cover.

I didn’t contribute but they did mention my web site. Make sure you pick it up when it hits the store shelves.


AR180S Pistol Grip Prototype

Been wanting a better pistol grip to use on my Nodak NDS-18S lowers pretty much since they came out.

I used an ArmaLite grip but only bought a couple before they stopped selling them. (Sound familiar?) It also didn’t have the right shape.

Since I have been working with Fusion 360 I have been thinking of all kinds of things to design. Why not a better looking pistol grip.

I’ve still got a few kinks to iron out then I can make a more detailed print. I’m confident it would be a functional part when I am done and will certainly put it through it’s paces. It is very comfortable in the hand.

I’m diggin’ it. Anyone else?

Very Clean Costa Mesa on Gunbroker

Good friend of the site is forced to sell his Costa Mesa AR180 due to health issues. He has always been a straight shooter and is someone you can trust.

This is one of the rare variants of the Costa Mesa that has the 180 degree selector. Not many of those out there. I could use this one for my collection as well.

Give him a bid and hopefully we can keep this interesting example in the family.