New Record Auction for an AR-180?

Possibly. It’s the highest I’ve seen and I follow them pretty closely. $4026.01 Wow!

See It For Yourself

It is about as close to new as you are likely to see. A true safe queen. Early gun, Three digit serial number. Obviously highly desirable, especially by the two that went at it at the end. What a fight.

Imagine what it would have brought if it had the original box!

I hope one of my readers got it.

AR-18S Auction Results

Well it looks like the gun brought more than the auction estimate and certainly more than I could have gone. $22,500. With buyer’s premium that would be $26,437.50 but hey, they got a scope with it right?

I feel like I am not quite ready to play with the big boys.

Hope one of you got it. Just invite me for a range session.