Shop Time

Got some time in the shop today and the first thing I tackled was to “Fix” the problems I had last week in my 2-Gun match. I am still not sure if the movement of the front sight base on my Shorty was because I left it loose or didn’t install it in the correct spot. I also am troubled with the fact that whenever I remove the front sight I have to re-zero my gun. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I recently bought some taper pins and a 2/0 reamer to do some work on my AR-180S project, of course I bought extra pins. I woke up in the midle of the night and thought about pinning the front sight on my 180B. Today I put it in the mill and did the deed. d6bad665-d956-42f8-b341-2fe0d1180996_zpsxtdjf1fj First I milled a flat spot. fe62fa96-6717-48b2-90cb-f1cab4b23adf_zps0z45g8kq Then drilled through using a #31 bit. b6173d35-6448-4d4d-85ce-4b917aac3054_zps4wmorjmz Finally reamed until the pin was flush on the bottom side. 2f80861b-d30b-4585-978f-ae5970123e8f_zpsxyujfqm9 Then I cut the pin to length and dressed the end followed by driving it home. 6c6db193-e2d9-4c69-af54-b0f4b69ee07b_zpsmr4y0qs9 Now if I remove the front sight base all I have to do is snug up the bolts, line up and install the pin, and finish tightening the bolts. Everything will be back in the same spot. Since I was on the mill I decided to drill my initial gas port in the 180S barrel. I started with a center drill and then used a #53 drill to finish up. 6ff840ce-8528-489b-9c1d-890e7888a239_zpsunej183i