New Filament, Nicer Prints

I recently discovered ASA filaments and they are producing some outstanding prints.

Shown here is my N1 pistol brace and the Fusion pistol grip. The ASA filament requires more work on the front end but will require less work for you. Many folks who have purchased from me before run their parts as is, so I strive to make them as nice looking as possible.

For those that want to sand and paint there parts to make them look ‘less 3d printed’ they will have another option, acetone vapor smoothing. Exposing ASA to acetone vapors will melt the outer layers together and the parts become smooth as glass. I will be experimenting with this process over the next few weeks and report back my findings.

For those that are interested here is a link to an article that outlines the process.

I almost forgot to mention the BRN180 butt stock kits are available now in case you haven’t heard.

These parts and many more are available in my store.

BRN-180 Fusion Lower Update

I ran into some problems with my earlier designs. Squaring off the rear of the receiver would leave no room for the web of your hand.

I had not realized this and was working on a Gen II version that had a 180B style rear end. This had the same problem as Gen I but also would not allow the BRN-180 to drop down into the receiver at the back.

I started fresh this morning and left the rear end alone and just modified the front to resemble the AR-180B/Nodak NDS-18S.

Astute observers may have noticed I also modified my pistol grip to fit on a standard AR-15 mounting point. I have had this request from some of my followers on Instagram.

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