Reader Pics; ArmaLite Variable Power Scope

Reader David is seeking information about this ArmaLite marked 4-14×50 scope. I have looked through my limited number of ArmaLite catalogs and I am coming up empty. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Rick wish I could help, never seen that scope before. In your travels attempt to get to St Louis to see Pete Fleiss, might be something in his files. The parts lists you sent me showed mounts/scopes for AR15/M14. Intended for the ArmaLite rifle? They provided SinglePoints/mounts for the “Raid”. Taking wild guess they must of been doing projects for Special Forces and CIA. With ArmaLite you can let your imagination run wild and it’s probably true. Rich. * Edit where you feel necessary.

  2. Designation AR-1 “Parasniper”. Allegedly not put into production but who knows otherwise. Referenced ArmaLite marked scope looks like a fit to me.

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