Pistol AR-180B Build Begins

NoDak has released a second batch of NDS-18S lowers and I just got mine. Of course I am a fan of shorties so I am building a pistol. This time with a brace.

I used a Blade Brace and Tube kit from Shockwave Technologies.

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I love it.

I used a Stormwerkz universal carbine adapter that required me to drill and tap two small holes in the rear of the receiver. Josh appears to be out of stock on the 180B type 2 adapter that would be a direct bolt on.



Shown with my SBR


Still more work to be done on the pistol upper but I hope to finally get over this cold I have had for the last month and get some serious time in the shop this week.

I’ve also had several people contact me about shortening their 180B uppers and I hope to be taking those projects on soon.

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2 Replies to “Pistol AR-180B Build Begins”

  1. Awesome. When you start taking on work to shorten AR-180B uppers I’m definitely interested. I’ve been wanting to SBR my AR-180B for years. Already have my NDS-18S lower engraved with my trust. I should probably get my Form 1 sent in for it in the coming weeks. What barrel length have you been using for these projects anyway?

    1. I have to review my notes to be sure but I’m pretty sure that it is 11.25″.

      The first one is a cut down 180B barrel.

      The second is a cut down AR-15 20″ HBAR barrel.

      I have to send off some Form 1’s myself. I just discovered that E-Forms is down so it looks like a paper application is in my future.

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