PayPal Killed My Shopping Cart

I knew it would happen some time or another but was hoping to fly under the radar for awhile longer. Worst part is they are sitting on my money for 180 days.


For now I will have to do things old school. Email me with what you want and I will let you know if its in-stock and where to mail the funds.

5 Replies to “PayPal Killed My Shopping Cart”

  1. PayPal/centralized transaction processing is old school. You would make me and plenty of others some happy campers if you started to accept Bitcoin by the time your Fusion lowers are out.

    1. I am certainly willing to check that out. Any suggestions would be more than welcomed.

      1. I’ve heard good things about BitPay, but have never used them myself so I cant recommend personally. With that being said it seems their niche is simplification of payments for merchants, especially online ones.

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