BitCoin Problems

I’m sorry to say I am having problems processing BitCoin payments at this time. I am turning it off as an option till I can get it sorted out.

For now checks and USPS Money Orders are going to be the main options. Email me if you have another payment method you would prefer to use.

Design Changes

Just a quick update on the Fusion “paperweight” and the Fusion grip.

The Fusion grip will now be printed as a slickside. It will require little to no sanding and polishing by you and for most it will be used as is. Bolt it on and go!

The Fusion “paperweight” has eliminated the buffer detent hole. Don’t worry, it will still work with your AR15 upper but will be a bit more fiddly when taking down for cleaning. Most are planing to use this with their BRN-180 upper and this will make it an even more perfect match.

Emails Sent

I have sent a couple emails to the first folks on the waiting list for the Fusion Paperweight and I have gotten no response. Double check that it didn’t end up in your spam folder.

Please whitelist

If I don’t hear back in the next couple days I will send out emails to the next in line.

Engraving Anyone?

I had my personal lower engraved.

I went with a name and serial that pays tribute to the Sterling AR180S. I think it looks awesome and the gentleman that did it for me said he could do yours as well. I will pass along his contact to those that have purchased batch one paperweights or after you purchase one from a future batch.

Batch two is almost ready to go. I will be contacting those on the sign up list in the order they signed up in the next few days.

I have also been working on a 3D printed jig for these. It is based on a design created by Ctrl_Pew on Instagram.

When I have the design finalized I will release the files for free. For those that don’t want to or can’t print their own I will sell them already printed.

Sad News

Due to an unexpected death in the family I need to raise some quick funds. I have three AR180B rifles for sale. $1000 each, shipped in the CONUS. Sorry no pictures but if you are interested send me an email to rkelley91 at gmail dot com.

These are lightly used and are looking for a good home. If you want all three I can make you a better deal.