New Record Auction for an AR-180?

Possibly. It’s the highest I’ve seen and I follow them pretty closely. $4026.01 Wow!

See It For Yourself

It is about as close to new as you are likely to see. A true safe queen. Early gun, Three digit serial number. Obviously highly desirable, especially by the two that went at it at the end. What a fight.

Imagine what it would have brought if it had the original box!

I hope one of my readers got it.

3 Replies to “New Record Auction for an AR-180?”

  1. Link has expired.

    Thanks for staying up to date with the posts! Last time I was here was a couple of months ago and now there’s more to read and absorb!

  2. Purchased a similar Costa Mesa on 3/22/17 for $1485. No scope or box, but every bit as good condition. Guess i got got quite a deal!

  3. Rick I agree that if it included the box etc it could of come closer to $5000. No doubt this auction will have an impact on the prices of other highly desirable AR-180 rifles that have been hidden away for many years.

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