New AR-180B Parts are Coming

Big shout out to Chuck over at who has started work on AR-180B parts. First up is the safety and he has worked out an awesome two piece design.

First some pics from Solidworks.

safetyrev1-300x159 safetyrev1-2-300x159

Here is a video of the safety lever being made.

And a couple pics of the actual part.


Yep, there will be a few available.


The plan is to offer a set of parts that will supplement your AR-15 lower parts kit and allow you to fully populate a Nodak NDS-18S. Previously the only way to do that was to buy a complete AR-180B Rifle and strip out the lower parts. This will allow you to buy a lower, AR-15 lower parts kit, and this lower kit and get a working lower for your AR-180B, AR-180, or Vulcan V18 upper.




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  1. The second op is done on the on the selector and we are starting the first op on the shaft. Things are moving ahead.

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