Making a run at an AR-18S at Auction

I have decided to make a run at this AR-18S that will be in the up coming Rock Island Auction.

Click Here

In order to finance that I am having a massive sell off of my collection. I have AR-180 parts, guns, scopes, retro and preban AR’s. Too much to list but I am in the mood to let go of some stuff. That doesn’t happen often so get them while you can.

Email me for details and your wish list.

Wish me luck and I hope I won’t have to compete against any of you for this cool gun.

3 Replies to “Making a run at an AR-18S at Auction”

  1. I posted on AR15, but thought I’d wish you luck here also. It is such a unique firearm. Do you have a post that details the history of the weapon by chance??

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