4 Replies to “Early HOWA AR-180 – Spot The Differences”

  1. I personally don’t see much of a difference, save perhaps the rough surface of the bolt.
    One seems to exhibit a little more craftsmanship on the surface, but to be honest, I’ve never even seen one
    of these. I still shoot the Ruger I got from you.
    This is a nice site. It’s a shame our friend never got into the digital age. If he couldn’t take it apart in it’s
    entirety and hold all the parts physically in his hands–he just didn’t want any part.

  2. Mostly there are differences in the thickness and machining for the upper/lower attachment retaining lug, but also the retaining catch for the handguard. I wonder if the two uppers would interchange with lowers or only a HOWA upper would go with a HOWA lower due to what appears to be differences in machining tolerances.

  3. Aren’t those early Howa’s works of art? Can’t speak about the later ones though. Howa on the right.

  4. Interesting that the barrel extension looks to be machined from bar stock like the very early AR18’s. All the later rifles used forgings.

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