Fusion Lowers are Almost Here!

The Fusion lowers are getting close.

These will be the 80% version that will be available through my website. When they arrive I will be testing different jigs to get an idea which ones will work. I can say with confidence that those versions that surround the entire lower and are designed for forged lower will not work without mods.

The magwell area will interfere. Those jigs that attach to the rear of the lower should work.

As well as those popular router jigs.

For those that are looking for a 100% solution I am proud to announce that Nodak Spud has licensed my design and will be producing what they call the NDS-1815. This is the first prototype and the first run should be fully machined and off to anodizing by the end of October. I’m very excited to see this come to fruition.


It’s been a long road bringing these to market but I’m sure you will be as happy with these as I am.

The BRN-180S is On it’s Way!

I got a pre production version a few days early. I wanted to see how it would fit on my prototype lower.

What do y’all think?

It’s even lighter and more compact that my AR-180S SBR!

The BRN-180S upper is shown with my lower, pistol grip and flash hider. An SB Tactical folding adapter and DoubleStar Strongarm brace and tube. High quality parts to say the least.

I hope to have some 80% lowers ready for you guys soon. Keep an eye out for an announcement right here.

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

It was just a dream when I first started this site. To own an AR-18. I can’t thank good friend of the site John for making it possible.

Of course you know I HAD to build a shorty upper for it.

I’m all smiles with this AR-18S. I can’t wait to get it to the range.

It took 11 months and 2 days for the Form one to be approved. Come on E-File Form 4’s!

More pictures and a range report to follow!