BRN-180 Fusion Lower Update

I ran into some problems with my earlier designs. Squaring off the rear of the receiver would leave no room for the web of your hand.

I had not realized this and was working on a Gen II version that had a 180B style rear end. This had the same problem as Gen I but also would not allow the BRN-180 to drop down into the receiver at the back.

I started fresh this morning and left the rear end alone and just modified the front to resemble the AR-180B/Nodak NDS-18S.

Astute observers may have noticed I also modified my pistol grip to fit on a standard AR-15 mounting point. I have had this request from some of my followers on Instagram.

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2 Replies to “BRN-180 Fusion Lower Update”

  1. The NoDak lower is still squared off in the back and has a bit of a taper for the pistol grip. Could you make it more like that? Also, since a buffer tube isn’t necessary could you build in a 1913 Interface that is compatible with a lot of the newer Sig MCX style stocks. Better yet, set it up for the whole ACE adapter pattern.

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