BRN-180 Fusion III Lower

I wanted to get some of your thoughts on this design for the Fusion III lower for the Brownells BRN-180 Upper.

It also include an butt stock adapter design I am considering.

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  1. If you start making them you can count me down for at least one but who am I kidding as soon as they start releasing various lengths/calibers I’ll have to get them too…

  2. Unrelated but…Hi, its me chris. I bought a NODAK lower from you for my Vulcan upper. Do you still have any AR180 guide rods and springs left. I can try to modify my Vulcan rods and or rear receiver slots they sit in so that the upper doesn’t move around as much but it would be better to just have the slightly thicker rods.


  3. Something feels like it needs more thought on the um…. place where the buffer tube meets the upper.

    It’s an awesome design, and I’d certainly buy one as is, but a bit more work on that top area might be a good idea. It might be best to get your upper so you can be sure of how that area looks.

    I called Brownell’s today and they told me I could expect my upper by the end of March, if not sooner.

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