AR180S Pistol Grip Update

I’m just not satisfied with the way my pistol grips are turning out. I don’t feel comfortable as they don’t meet my standards so I releasing the STL file and allowing anyone to print their own.

I only ask that you do not sell these but you may make them for your own use.

Click Here to download. WordPress would not let me upload this file as an STL so I changed the extension to PDF. After you download it, change it back to .stl and you should be good to go.


2 Replies to “AR180S Pistol Grip Update”

  1. Rick,

    I would still be interested in buying two of these from you as I don’t have the money or expertise to buy or run a 3D printer.

  2. I’ll second Hector’s comment as to purchasing.
    Just thought I would note that I was unable to download directly. However, right click on the link, save target as and change the extension at that time to .stl. Verified that worked once I was able to open it in Solidworks Viewer.
    Thanks for this “donation” to the masses.
    I need to get a CAD program to start learning and then the 3D printer and ultimately CNC milling machine, lathe and a nice building to house it all. Ideally I’d live next to Chuck so I could drool on his equipment and projects………..

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