AR180S Pistol Grip Prototype

Been wanting a better pistol grip to use on my Nodak NDS-18S lowers pretty much since they came out.

I used an ArmaLite grip but only bought a couple before they stopped selling them. (Sound familiar?) It also didn’t have the right shape.

Since I have been working with Fusion 360 I have been thinking of all kinds of things to design. Why not a better looking pistol grip.

I’ve still got a few kinks to iron out then I can make a more detailed print. I’m confident it would be a functional part when I am done and will certainly put it through it’s paces. It is very comfortable in the hand.

I’m diggin’ it. Anyone else?

4 Replies to “AR180S Pistol Grip Prototype”

  1. Looks good except the edges don’t appear to be radiused enough to make the grip feel smoother in the hand. I may be wrong as I’m viewing this from my phone.

    Otherwise I like it and would be interested in buying one for my NDS-18 lower.

    1. I’m thinking I may have to do some sanding on the finished product to fully solve that problem.

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