A New AR-180S Upper is in the Works

A new AR-180S Upper

I just wanted to make a quick post to show you some pics of my progress today.


This is the barrel I found at my local gun store after I stripped the front sight base and extension. It is unmarked but I think it might be an Olympic due to the.750″ cast front sight base. I cut it off right behind the gas port.


After a bit of lathe work.


Here it is between my first shorty and a full size 180B.


Shown here with the original AR-18S lower hand guard.


An finally, a shot from the front showing the barrel profile. I tried to imagine what it would look like if Armalite had released a 180B pistol or SBR version and emulate that.

Still to be done. New OP rod. Drill gas port then parkerize the barrel and flash hider. I also need to make another flash hider and end cap. Maybe I will work on doing these in CAD so they can be reproduced more easily.

2 Replies to “A New AR-180S Upper is in the Works”

  1. Hello, I have an AR-180 in very good condition. I would consider trading for a SOCOM .308

    Do you have a forum for people who wish to acquire these rifles?



    1. Unfortunately we don’t have anything like that but I would be happy to pass along your contact info to any interested parties. Send me an email through the contact form at the top of the page.


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