SAR West Show Next Saturday

Hope to see anyone who is attending the SAR West Show next Saturday in Phoenix.

I’ll be the guy walking around with my AR180S Pistol with a folding Tailhook brace and my Pistol grip!

Stop and say “Hi!” of you see me.

More Leader T2 News

Good friend of the site John is selling his Leader T2 MkV and whats interesting about this one is it used to belong to Charles St. George himself and includes a signed letter signed as provenance. He asked if I could pass along his email address so anyone that is interested can contact him directly.

I can personally vouch for John and the rifle. I used to own it, I bought it directly from Charles St. George and traded it to John as part of a multi gun deal for an AR-18. Speaking of which, I’m still waiting on the paperwork to clear. Maybe it will be in my hands by Christmas. (Not holding my breath)

Hope someone can pick this up and keep it in the family.

New Leader T2: Made in America

Got an email from Charles St. George and one of my readers letting me know that the T2 MkV is going back into production. Not only in the USA but in my home state of Arizona.

Information is limited so far but the web site is up and he has 250 for pre sale on gunbroker.

Make sure you let him know you heard it from me. I would appreciate it.

Web Site


Lets hope I can talk him into a shorty version. More info as I get it.