Extended Length Fire Control Pins

One of the items that I do not offer in my 180B lower parts kits is the extended length fire control pins. Armalite is no longer making them and I have suggested using standard AR15 pins. This has been met with some skepticism.

The AR180B lower was made from a polymer and to increase the strength it was made thicker and therefore the pins need to be longer as well. The AR15 pins in an aluminum Nodak NDS-18S lower end up have the same amount of engagement as in the AR15 lower, about .100″ per side.

A new reader raised concerns and suggested longer pins that are used for another gun, the Colt 901. I asked around on several forums and believe it or not, the guys at the Smith and Wesson forum came through. They use these pins in the polymer lower of a 15-22 and they work great. They measured some up and with that info I ordered a couple sets to test.

I ordered a set of Geissele 901 Replacement Pins and I have to say, they are going to work just fine.

Lets look at the three different pins and compare.

AR15 pin on top .900″

Geissele 901 pin in the middle 1.000″

AR180B pin on the bottom 1.125″

7DA72C73-DC0F-45B5-9C70-A0246B8828BA_zps3kvzkjzn (1)

Here is my NDS-18S lower with original pins

ACC16B9C-FA95-483E-9E52-AFA43C3DBD49_zpsg4sdprz3 (1)

And finally the NDS-18S with Colt Geissele 901 pins


They do not sit flush with the sides but have over .150″ engagement on each side, a 50% improvement over using AR15 pins.

For those interested in a 180B lower parts kit, I have another batch ready to ship. Send me an email at rick@ar180s.com and I can get it shipped out to you. $125 shipped per kit or $130 if you use PayPal, goods and services only please.

I am also going through my personal collection and I will be liquidating some of my duplicate items. Let me know what you are looking for and maybe something can find a new home with you.



Remembering A Good Friend Lost This Year

I had one of the busiest Decembers ever and could not make time to post. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Now to let you know what I have been up to.

The second week in December had me in Houston for work and that was just a just a few hours from where my good friend John lived until he passed. He left me his lathe and some ammo so I figured it would be the best time to haul it back as I had the last two weeks of the year off. So begins the adventure.

Once I got there his sister informed me that she wanted me to have his gun parts as well and what started out as 20 cans of ammo turned into much more.



Here is the back of the truck when I got back home. 17.5 hrs of driving and three days of unloading and my garage is way too full.


Here is the Jet lathe next to my Jet mill/drill. It’s like it was meant to be.


Bins full of gun parts. AK parts, AR parts, Uzi Parts, parts I can’t identify.


Those “20” cans of ammo turned out to be a bit more than that.

My goal is to build the guns he did not get to finish and shoot the shit out of them to honor him. He loved to go shooting and I have many fond memories of spending time right there beside him.


Here is the first one I will be taking. A nice Romy G that he almost had complete. I just had to press in the barrel and assemble the internals and furniture.

I have enough AK parts to put together another 4 rifles plus a bunch of other parts that may turn into other builds.

I will beg you forgiveness now. I may be taking a slight tangent with the site to document these builds.

Here’s to you John, you will be missed.